• Mascaro, C., (2014). Technologically Mediated Discourse and Information Exchange through Medium Specific Syntactical Features: The 2012 Presidential Election on Twitter. Drexel University. Successfully defended May 2014 | Abstract | Full Dissertation |

Journal Papers:

  • Jacobson, J. & Mascaro, C. (2016). Movember: Twitter conversations of a hairy social movement. Social Media + Society, April-June 2016:1-12 Paper |

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Peer Reviewed Conference Papers with Published Proceedings:

  • Mascaro, C., Agosto, D. & Goggins, S. (2016). The Method to the Madness: The 2012 Presidential Election Twitter Corpus. International Conference on Social Media & Society. July 11-13, 2016, London, England.  | Paper | 

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Peer Reviewed Conference Papers without Published Proceedings:

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Peer Reviewed Book Chapters:

  • Novak, A., Mascaro, C., Goggins, S. & Koku, E., (2013). How “not” to Caffeinate a Political Group: Parent Post Influence on Conversational Network Structure. Politics and Policy in the Information Age, Springer Science + Business: New York.

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    Chapter |

Invited Conference Presentations:

  • Goggins, S & Mascaro, C. (2012). Evolving and Emerging Research Methods in Information Behavior, Needs, Seeking and Use. ASIST SIG-USE Workshop, October 27, 2012, Baltimore, MD.

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  • Mascaro, C. Identifying “Interesting” Events Through Group Informatics. World According to Twitter Workshop, Queensland University of Technology Kelvin Grove, June 28, 2011.

Peer Reviewed Workshop Papers/Posters:

  • Jacobson, J. & Mascaro, C. (2013). Movember: Tracing the conversations of a social movement in Twitter. University of Toronto Research Day. (Awarded third place).

  • Magee, R.M., Sebastian, M., Novak, A., Mascaro, C., Black, A., Goggins, S.P. (2013). #TwitterPlay: a Case Study of Fan Roleplaying Online. CSCW 2013 Companion, February 23-27, 2013, San Antonio, TX. (Extended Abstract & Poster). 

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Non-Peer Reviewed/Invited Workshop Posters & Papers:

  • Black, A., Mascaro, C., & Goggins, S. (2012). TwitterZombie: Architecture for Capturing, Socially Transforming and Analyzing the Twittersphere. Drexel University Research Day (Poster). Winner of 2012 iSchool’s Deans Award for Best Graduate Poster.

  • Goggins, S. & Mascaro, C. (2011). Social Media Discourse and Culture: A Proposal for Comparative Informatics Research. 2nd International Workshop on Comparative Informatics, December 9-10, 2011. 

  • Lin, C., Goggins, S., Mascaro, C., & Novak, A. (2011). Dialogues With Darwin Sticky Notes Project. Drexel STAR Student Research Day | Poster|

  • Magee, R. and Mascaro, C. 2011. Find me Sombody to Love: Dating Sites, Success Stories and Location. Drexel University Research Day. Winner of Drexel University Research Day, Best Graduate Student Poster in Humanities and Social Science Category. Winner of Drexel iSchool’s Dean’s Award | Poster |

  • Mascaro, C. and Magee, R. (2011). Happily Every After? How do Online Daters Define and Discuss Success? Drexel University Research Day (Poster) | Poster | 

  • Mascaro, C. and Goggins, S. (2010). Collaborative Information Seeking in an Online Political Group Environment. Collaborative Information Behavior Workshop, GROUP’10, November 7-12, 2010, Sanibel Island, FL, USA. | Paper |

Unpublished/Rejected Manuscripts:

  • Mascaro, C., McDonald, N., Black, A., & Goggins, S. (2016). What the Hashtag: Temporal Shifts in Hashtag Position in Twitter | Paper |

  • Mascaro, C. & Goggins, S. (2016). Information Sharing in Political Discourse: An Examination of URL Sharing in Twitter During a Presidential Election       | Paper |

Datasets Curated:

  • Mascaro, C. , Black, A., Gallagher, M., & Goggins, S. (2012). The 2012 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall Twitter Corpus. | Paper |

Workshops/Minitracks Organized:

  • Goggins, S., Mascaro, C., McDonald, N., Black, A. & Valetto, G. (2013). Big Social Data for Social and Information Scientists. iConference 2013, February 12, Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Mascaro, C., Magee, R., Thiry, E., & Goggins, S. (2013). Technologically Mediated Relationship Creation and Maintenance Minitrack. Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science. January 7-10, 2013, Maui, Hawaii.

  • Mascaro, C., Magee, R., Thiry, E., & Goggins, S. (2012). ”It’s Okay to Look”: The Interdisciplinary Agenda of Online Dating Research. iConference 2012, February 7, Toronto, Canada. 

  • Koepfler, J., Mascaro, C., & Kaplan, N. (2011). Hashpop Programming and Design Challenge. Digital Capital Week, November 11, Washington, D.C.

Awards and Honors:

  • American Political Science Association Information Technology & Politics Section Best Graduate Student Paper, August 2012
  • American Society of Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group-Metrics Best Graduate Student Paper Runner Up, July 2012
  • Outstanding Freshman STAR Mentor Award, Drexel University, August 2011
  • Funding to attend NSF Summer Social Webshop at University of Maryland – College Park, August 2011: Competitively chosen (28.5% acceptance rate), 4-day intensive workshop on Technology-Mediated Social Participation
  • Drexel iSchool’s Dean’s Award for Research Excellence, May 2011, April 2012
  • Drexel University Best Graduate Student Poster in Humanities and Social Science – April 2011
  • Named a Florida Times-Union “Up and Comer,” in recognition for work in starting Gleam Internet Technologies, January 2000
  • Intel’s “Excellence in Computer Science” Award for work in robotics research and programming, May 1998


  • Journal of Information Technology and Politics
  • International Conference on Social Informatics ’11 - '13
  • ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) ’12, ‘13, '15, '16
  • Faculty Information Quarterly
  • Communications Quarterly
  • ACM GROUP ‘12
  • CSCW ‘13, '14, '16
  • iConference '14, '15, '16

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